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  • Fixed an issue where Uncanny Coordination wouldn't be applied is the target of an ally's attack died

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Notas de Patch 18/07/2013Editar


  • New Self-Passive!: Uncanny Coordination
    • Chance to gain an extra turn when an ally attacks
  • Shattering Punch
  • Plasma Wave
  • Plasma Spheres

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Ajuste e Correção

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  • Spec Ops 6 Reward
  • Class: Blaster
  • Passive - Cosmic Absorption
    • Absorbing the background radiation of the Cosmos, Havok is able to constantly regenerate stamina and convert it into extra power for his plasma attacks. The ability to absorb radiation also comes in handy when attacked with other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum: he takes less damage and gains stamina when hit by Fire, Energy, and Radiation attacks.
  • Passive - Strategic Thinking
    • Like his brother, Havok is a skilled tactical thinker who will protect his teammates when faced with an Energy attack. He also applies Cornered to enemies who protect.
  • Level 1 - Shattering Punch
    • This melee attack consumes no stamina, but the super-heated plasma punch will apply Melt Armor to an enemy, allowing further attacks to ignore defense.
  • Level 2 - Plasma Wave
    • A narrow cone of plasma hits a single target, causing burning and removing buffs. This attack’s damage scales with the percentage of stamina Havok has remaining.
  • Level 6 - Channel Energy
    • Channeling his energy absorption, Havok gains extra stamina, and increases his chance to critically hit for the remainder of the round.
    • Quick Action.
  • Level 9 - Plasma Spheres
    • Havok releases spheres of plasma in a Catastrophic attack that applies Dizzy and Slowed to enemies. This attack’s damage scales with the percentage of stamina Havok has remaining.